St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, which is part of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.

As an Episcopal Church we are subject to the governance of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church of the United States and of the Diocese of Pennsylvania which provide us our primary direction.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is led by our Bishop, Rector, Wardens and Vestry.  Each person serving on the Vestry with the exception of the Rector is elected for a three-year term by the members of the congregation at the Annual Meeting.

The Vestry then elects a Treasurer, Secretary and Accounting Warden and the Rector appoints the Rector's Warden.

During the Annual Meeting the congregation also elects voting delegates to the annual convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania which meets each year in Philadelphia.  The Diocesan Convention also elects delegates to the national convention of the Episcopal Church which meets every three years.
Carl Benner,
Vestrian Emeritis
Ministry Leaders

Altar Guild Director
Virginia Thompson

Diocesan Convention Delegates
Annmarie Bartholomeo
Joan Durbano
Debbie Werts

Deanery Delegates
(Delaware Deanery)
Annmarie Bartholomeo
Debbie Werts

Annmarie Bartholomeo

Property Committee Chair
Frank Prendiville

Finance Committee Chair
Connie Wright

Facebook Administrator
David Hash

Website Administrator
Bonnie Prendiville
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Clifton Heights, Pa.
Leadership & Staff
Joan Durbano, Vestrian
(Jan. '22)
Connie Wright,
Senior Warden
(Jan. '20)
John "Bart" Bartholomeo,
Accounting Warden
(Jan. '20)
Frank Prendiville, Vestrian
(Jan. '21)
Barbara Stump, Vestrian
(Jan. '21)
Cynthia Haupt,
Parish Administrator
Since 2008
Kathy Zappasodi,
Preschool Director
Began leading our Preschool
in August 2004
Dot Pennington, Vestrian
(Jan. '21)
St. Stephen's is currently conducting a search for a new Rector.
Deb Werts, Vestrian
(Jan. '22)