Weddings at St. Stephen's
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
199 W. Baltimore Avenue
Clifton Heights, PA 19018
We at St. Stephen's Church are happy to confer the Church's blessing on marriages between individuals for whom Jesus Christ is central to their lives and relationships.  We prefer to host weddings for members of our parish.  However, we do consider the requests of persons who are not members of our parish to be married here, with the understanding that the Canons of the Episcopal Church are applicable.  Also, there are additional costs for non-members.

Although St. Stephen's is a lovely place for a wedding, it is not a large place.  It cannot reasonably seat many more than 100 people.  If you are planning a larger wedding that that, St. Stephen's would not be the venue for you.

Pursuant to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, all persons being married in our church must receive pre-wedding counseling.  At least one member of the couple must be a baptized Christian.  Not less than 30 days' notice must be given.  Also, if there has been a prior marriage by either member of the couple, permission must be obtained from the Diocesan Bishop to marry the couple in the Church.  The Rector typically meets with wedding couples three or four times prior to any wedding.  There is also a wedding rehearsal, ordinarily the night before the wedding.

The costs that pertain to weddings at St. Stephen's are as follows:

1.     For non-members, $150 for the use of the church.  For members, there is no
charge for the use of the church, but a donation of $150 is suggested.

2.     For non-members, $300 for the pre-wedding meetings and counselling of the
Rector.  For members, there is no charge.

3.     For both members and non-members, there is a charge of $150-$200 for the
services of our organist.  You may or may not wish to have music.

4.     Because St. Stephen's is an Episcopal Church with an approved marriage
liturgy, other liturgies, such as creation by a couple of their own vows is not
permitted.  Although a couple may like certain music from the culture, only
sacred music is permissible.

5.     If you wish to use the parish hall for a reception, the cost is $95 per hour for
non-members, $50 for members.  Hard liquor is not permitted.  Wine and/or
beer may be served in reasonable quantities, provided that the renters take
full responsibility for any excessive alcohol consumption of their guests.

If you have any questions, please contact us.